Should I Hire a Matchmaker?

Should I Hire a Matchmaker?

Let’s be honest, not everyone wants to hire a matchmaker… and not everyone can afford to hire one.

Matchmaking service works for people who:

  • Values their time more than money. They are tired of doing the work themselves and getting the same results. One of my clients dated over 40 women through online dating but did not find one that would fit his long-term needs… either red flags, emotional triggers, incompatibilities, or something happened, sending him back to square one. Within less than two months of working together with me, he is now happily dating a wonderful lady who meets what he was looking for on multiple levels.

  • Are not afraid to be proactive and ask for help. Those people usually have a good career and are used to delegating many areas of their lives. They find that they are expert at their jobs but not necessarily the same way when it comes to their dating life.

  • Are open-minded enough to break through their old dating patterns that worked against their dating expectation. They are exhausted and confused about their past dating and relationship experience, now want to try something different and let a professional help guide them.

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A good matchmaker will not only provide suitable candidates for you. He or she can also coach/guide you through your dating process.

However keep in mind that hiring a matchmaker doesn’t mean all your problems go away, you will still have work to do and put in the effort. Since you are the one going on dates, you will still have to apply those dating skills or learn what good dating skills are. You must be open to feedback and try to change some things that have been hindering your love life. It is not going to happen overnight. But you will learn something out of the process to be a better dating version of yourself.

If you are the type of person described above, schedule a free consultation with us. You will have our expertise, knowledge, and database to guide you on your journey. 

Remember there is someone out there for everyone! Start your inquiry process now.

there is someone out there for everyone.

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