Matchmaking vs. Online Dating

Matchmaking vs. Online Dating

I am not object online dating at all. I believe you can find love through different ways. In fact personally I found my soulmate and husband Jim on So I would always encourage singles to try online dating because you have more access to people on the internet than you could in real life.

But online dating can be a chore – no doubt about it. The flaws of online dating are that you could run into the liars, the flakes, the crazies, and the players easily or you could get overwhelmed reading so many profiles and pictures.


Certainly, online dating is not right for everyone, especially you don’t have time or you don’t want to put yourself out there online to get unwanted attention. Online dating presents especially challenges to high-profile singles.

Matchmaker is a professional that has years of experience in finding people love and long-term relationships through their private networks. Once you work with a matchmaker, it’s their responsibility to filter people’s background and find a match for what you are looking for. There are elite matchmaking firms that only match well-to-do clients with other successful singles.

In matchmaking, you get the benefits of professional guidance, more specific targeted search and careful screening. Privacy and confidentiality are the top priority.

If you are serious about finding someone to settle down with and don’t think online dating will serve your needs, consider matchmaker services.

Remember there is someone out there for everyone! Start your inquiry process now.

there is someone out there for everyone.

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