Formula To Keep Attraction And Passion In Relationships

Formula To Keep Attraction And Passion In Relationships

During my time coaching strong, smart, professional, single women, something that I hear a lot is, “Why do some men work so hard to chase you in the beginning of a relationship, but then 6 months down the road, they stopped pleasing you and start taking things for granted?”

From married, but unhappy, women, I hear, “Why doesn’t my husband listen to me? When I talk to him, he just zones out.” Some women ask me why their husbands leave the room whenever they start to complain about something. Others ask why their husbands became lazy and refuse to help with household chores. They feel like they are the ones who are doing everything around the house.

There are many reasons why a relationship can change like this over time. But I have noticed one thing in common between all of them: the longer a couple is in a relationship, the most the masculine and feminine energy polarities get muddled. Opposites create tension and attraction. The differences between masculine and feminine energy polarities are what cause attraction and passion in a relationship. The nature of these polarities define what kind of relationship you are in, whether it is a romantic relationship or business partnership. As soon as the tension between the masculine and feminine energy is lost, the romance and attraction in the relationship will be lost as well.

As human beings, we all possess a mixture of masculine and feminine energy. When partners are embodying their core energy, they naturally attract. However, they can lose their way and take on opposite attributes when they are under pressure. When they stop embodying their natural masculine energy, masculine partners can be seen as weak, indecisive, emotional, and ineffective. When feminine partners stop embodying feminine energy, they slip into behaviors that can be seen as hardened, inflexible, emotionless, and uncaring.

When strong, smart, and successful professional women bring the masculine energy they use in their business or job into their relationship, they will act like managers with their man. Just like a vice-president demanding results, they will order their man to correct, to manage, and to achieve. In this kind of situation, men will naturally become weak in the relationship. Over a period of time, men in these kind of relationships may give up attempting to please or adore their female partner.

Of course, it’s not only the women need to learn to balance their energy polarities in relationships. Men also need to bring more feminine energy into relationship by learning how to effectively listen to their women, how to emotionally support them, and how to calm down them when they get stressed out.

In male and female dynamics, you need to remember that men are naturally providers and protectors. They want to be appreciated, respected, and admired in the relationship, not managed. Women, on the other hand, are naturally receivers, who want to heard, loved, cherished, and nurtured.

To sum up, do you want to know what kills romance and passion? Criticizing, correcting, controlling, demanding, blaming, and complaining.

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