Hear what our clients have to say about EAM

I was referred to EAM by another matchmaker because only EAM can meet my search criteria.
It took 8 matches to find my dream girl. Thank you for the service. No further recommendations needed.”   - Dave, CEO, Billionaire

Hi Xiaoli, I am engaged !!! He just proposed this last Friday. It was a surprise. Thank you so much for introducing us. - Angela L., Mortgage Banker

Hi Xiaoli, just wanted to thank you for introducing to Sierra! It has been an amazing journey so far and could not ask for more in a partner, we’re in love. 

We continue to grow together each day and are thankful for it! - Daniel J., Consultant

"I personally recommend this matchmaker Xiaoli. She is so good. 

Some context, I am stable financially sound, executive level. I wanted someone to help up level and screen candidates for a suitable match than I was getting from a traditional dating app. Xiaoli truly gives individual attention to get to know me as a person. All the candidates presented are really good: beautiful, kind, values. After every date I was asked for feedback and got feedback. It really help me solidify what I am looking for and helped me date better.

Also she understands very well cultural nuances of dating asian. She also make a time when I want to talk about someone in more depth than dating. This is a person that really does wants to help you succeed. Not once did I feel pressure to go with someone. It was really wanting to find a match that I am comfortable.

I also know she hold ladies events that are very well run. I've heard from the girls that she takes the time to coach and help them. What an amazing matchmaker! - Tom H, CEO

“Working with Xiaoli was a pleasure. She fully explained the matchmaking process well, which was a new experience for me. Then she really took the time to get to know me and understand what I was looking for. Based upon that information, she filtered through the profiles numerous people select the most appropriate for me to meet. She facilitated the first few meetings with each, and then provided helpful feedback and advice.  I am happy to say those candidates she provided were very cultured, charming, intelligent, which is exactly what I was looking for.  After a little over 3 months, I am already off the program and into exclusive dating with a lady I totally adore!  I would highly recommend Xiaoli to a friend." – Jerry B, Lawyer

“Hello Xiaoli, Things seem to be going real well with Angelina. She has the most wonderful laugh, laughs all the time, isn't afraid to call & talk on phone (She even initiated that) and she just invited me to celebrate her birthday with her two best friends. I really like this girl Xiaoli. You did well....thank you for introducing us. – Andy, Army Veteran

“I am glad I met Matchmaker Xiaoli. In the beginning of our process, she made her time to fully understand me, my mind, my personalities/characters and what I exactly look for in a partner. She not only made introduction for  me to meet quality gentlemen, but also guided me in the process of dating and provided me with effective advice to help me navigating the relationship. I had been out of dating for so long. Overall, she is very professional. She demonstrated a high level of professional skills in matchmaking and in dealing with relationship matters. – Jenny D, Professor

"I was so tire of online dating, almost at the edge of giving up, then my friend referred me to Xiaoli to try matchmaking. Literally 
within three months of working with her, I already became exclusive with an amazing lady.”  - Eric M, Software Engineer

“Thanks Xiaoli. He treats me really well. Not just opening doors, etc., but he cares about me a lot. We have great connection. I am
using all of your techniques in this relationship. He says our communication has been wonderful and he appreciate me just the
way I am. I feel soooo comfortable and at ease with him. Heck, I am in my sweatpants and t-shirt and he still thinks I am beautiful and sexy. We have been communication a lot, having a lot of fun and enjoying the time we spend together. “ - Sandy  F, Consultant

I had a great experience with elite Asian matchmaker. I got burned out by online dating with endless conversations that lead to wasted time. I engaged with Xiaoli and immediately knew there was a difference. It's matchmaking! No swiping or scrolling. Xiaoli listened to my needs and make introductions and setup first dates. All I need to do is to say yes to the people I want to meet and go on the actual dates with them in 1-2 weeks time frame after I said yes. It's refreshing experience. I haven't found my true love yet but the people I met are great people with quality. If you are a busy professional like me and have no time to go on dating sites or events where you can meet quality people, then this is the perfect service for you. - Sue W, Former Fashion Model

We are all craving love! Society provides so many online dating apps, but it seems to create more distance between people. Where to find the right person and how to maintain a relationship? I highly recommend Xiaoli, a role model for women and has a kind heart to help people find their partners. Not only does she screen the highly qualified candidates for the right people to match, and she also coaches people on how to date! Yes, dating needs effort too. If you are a person who is ready to settle down, to have a family, and is prepared to meet your special one. She is the right person for you. I wish you all find your special one, and happily ever after. - Daisy K, Data Analyst

I am so happy that I chose to work with Xiaoli and Michelle through Elite Asian Matchmakers. I wanted guidance and help with navigating the online dating process, and Xiaoli was able to offer different options and help me choose the one that made the most sense for me. Michelle has helped make online dating fun and given me such great tips along the way. She's a great cheerleader, with wise advice, and it's also really enjoyable to communicate with her in general. I'm so impressed with how she has figured out how to work so seamlessly with me. I realize now that part of what I needed was more self-confidence and savviness about how to navigate this process. I'm very grateful. Highly recommend! - Victoria L. Coach and Consultant

If you are Asian in America and am having a hard time finding the right partner due to cultural and societal differences, I believe Xiaoli can bridge that gap. She understands what you are looking for in a partner and will be diligent in trying to find matches. She takes time for her clients and doesn't act like the other matchmaking sites that just try to meet quotas. - Steven W., Real Estate Developer