3 Tips for a Great First Date

3 Tips for a Great First Date

First dates are often stressful and nerve-racking for most people. Sometimes you meet the person, and in the first 5 mins you know it is not a good match. Yet, you feel bad for stopping the date and leaving. So, you sit through the whole date and feel miserable the entire time. Or, on the other hand, you really like the person. You become nervous and ask, “Will he like me?” or “What if he rejects me?”

3 tips

This is one of the many reasons some people avoid dating altogether.

A fundamental problem with dating for high-achieving professionals is that they treat the event as a business project with hard deadlines.

They are busy.

Time is extremely important.

They do not want to waste time.

Therefore, they go on dates to hunt the ONE and attempt to instantly decide on the first date if he is the ONE and worthy of their time.

For both people on the date, it is IMPOSSIBLE to relax. Your mind is constantly judging the person across the table. You are on the date physically, but you are not mentally engaged in the conversation. Trust me, the person sits across the table and can sense this.

What is the most likely outcome?

No second date.

It is the main reason why some ladies come to me feeling disappointed that they didn’t get asked out for a second date, yet they didn’t know why.

Here are 3 tips for a great first date. Not only you can enjoy the first date, but also
you might get asked out on the second date… or more:

1. Don’t go into a date worried about what comes next.

The first date is all about fun and enjoyment. Keep it light. Focus on learning about the other individual and making a new friend. When you hold this perspective in your own mind. It takes lots of pressure off your shoulders. A great friendship is a foundation of a great relationship.

2. Don’t rush to judgment about whether you like him or not, and what he is thinking about you.

When you attempt to instantaneously judge, your mind is not focused on the person who is sitting across from you. Set judgment aside on the first date and try to relax. Listen to what is actually being said. Take your time. Stay in the present moment. Really genuinely get to know this person.

3. No matter what you think of that person as a potential match or not, do not leave the date until you discover 5 POSITIVE things about the person you are with.

These 5 POSITIVE things could be something you respect, admire, visually noticed, verbally heard, or emotionally felt about that person. By the end of the date, make an effort to compliment one or two of these observations back to him. You will find that when you do, it makes you feel good. AND, it will make your date feel good too. If you are truly interested in another human being and see the goodness in him, the laws of attraction will expand your focus and will, in turn, make you more attractive.

Applying these three tips on your first dates will improve your overall experience and enjoyment. You will feel more relaxed and you will find your dating experiences will be getting better and better. The fastest way of finding a special partner is to create a positive dating experience.

Remember, good endings make good beginnings.

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